we work with

you rather than

for you.

Cindy Kwong


Benjie Ynclino


Designing your foundation for success:
Your Brand

Your brand is not the identity; not the site; not the product; not the service. Your brand is who you are as a company—it is what people say about you. Everything from content, interaction style, to typography and color depends on who you are.

Your Goals

What goals are you trying to achieve with your initiative? Do you want to increase sales? Do you want to make your customer service better? Do you want to increase enrollment? Clearly understanding your goals will not only point us in the proper direction but will also clarify the essentials.

Your Audience

Finally, there is the third and most important factor—your audience. Who are they? What are they looking for? What do they need? Meeting their needs is the key imperative. If we meet their needs, we have succeeded.

Collaborating with you as a partner:

Our process starts with discovery. this is where we do all of the leg work. What comes out of this phase determines the direction for the rest of the project. Here we make sure we get all the details right, and have everyone in alignment with the strategy.

Create & Develop

We work using the agile methodology. It's an iterative process that deals with issues and opportunities as they arise, as well as and ongoing communication between the studio and our clients. The result is a more reliable and faster process with better results.


Once your project is up we won't simply pack up and leave. We follow up on the results and improve on areas where it's needed. We'll always be there if you have questions, and we'll come back with any other ideas we think could help you.

Cindy was born and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with her 3 sisters. The four girls grew up loving all things creative, and Cindy demonstrated an early interest in fashion and style, seeing it as a form of communication. She studied graphic design as well, another form of communication that is an ubiquitous part of daily life in New York City. Cindy is inspired by her surroundings: Music, art, nature, friends, family and the destinations she travels to, and appreciates all forms of art, from culinary to interior design. Whether she's listening to music or studying the details of how a watch operates, Cindy appreciates well crafted design in everything that surrounds her. She enjoys riffing with others on design concepts and sees it as an important part of the process of designing solutions that balance client objectives with creativity. Her ultimate goal is to drive an evolution that results in beautiful and effective design. Cindy has years of experience in fashion and styling and is able to apply those experiences to graphic design that meet the needs of clients.